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Messege for India, Australia, England Cricket Board

Once upon a Time
Cricket was a game of Gentle Men
Then India Came Up
And its become a Game of Greedy Business Men
Our Cricket is Our Pride! We Love Our BD Cricket Team
Cricket is Our Passion
Say No To All Unfair Demands.
We Hate India
Stop your Fucking Business
Don't Try To Play with Fire!
If you Don't, We will Never Stop to Destroy your Cyber Space !!!
We are Bangladeshi Hackers
Dare to face our Cricket Team? ok, then Ready to Face Us
We are always watching you
Expect us!
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Greetz: |B4ck-B0n3 | Illum!nat3 D3mon | OR!ONS #UNt3R | K!sh0r P4sh4 |LUG3 R4C3R | Rdx Rdx Crew | t0m P#4x70n | Iam Rock | Gh0st KilL3r | B4K33r B#4! | Cyb3r D4rkl0rd | D#U5#0R B3DU!N | D4rK KN!G#t | COD3 BR3AK3R | D3V!L PR!NC3 | $yst3m Cra$h | 8l@ck 3xplor3r | 3xPlo!t3R | D4rK_M00N | CYB3R Bl@D3R | D4rk kn!g#t $p4rd4 | 0pt!mu$ $p4rr0w | R007 C0d3 | Cyb3rc0r3 | cupid_sh3ll | Ardy47@Problem | BD MATRIX | Ʈɦƹ RǿȼƙȿƮƹř | All BD BLACK HAT FAN|

Nano Ninjas are soon to be unleashed onto the iPhone, iPod & iPad to deal a heavy blow on a dastardly Robot Samurai Army. Launch your assault and adapt your strategy in this fantastically compelling game. A dangerously addictive game for both casual and hardened hand-held gamers. Humorous throughout and hard to put down

Ready to Launch Your Assault? Prepare for Battle and Lead your Nano Ninjas.